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Trusted by many users around Australia and New Zealand, Web Cheetah aims to surpass all expectations. If you look at our work you can tell we achieve A+ results while maintaining unbeatable pricing.

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Customer Stories

We needed a digital partner to come in and design the website for us, as soon as possible. To meet our deadline for the next Graco show day and we came across Web Cheetah. They claim to be the fastest web design company and they absolutely delivered. We had our shop up and running in 10 days which was amazing.

Ben - LM Web Store

We drew our website on a piece of paper and handed it to the Web Cheetah Team. They drafted our website from scratch and we had a demo to look at in 4 days. The whole development process took 8 days and we were barely involved. It was a great experience and we love the managed services experience.

Brent - Gameshound

The guys at Wecheetah are super professional and super responsive. They built me a fantastic website and are always available to help with any questions. I highly recommend their services. 

Nolan - aveline Property

Using Web cheetah was one of the best decisions that we made at the start of our business. Affordable monthly fee for full content support gave us the chance, to focus on developing the business instead of sitting around and fixing issues on our website.

Martha - Yoga Planet

Web Cheetah team were great as they took the pressure off us and managed the whole project. Post-development communication was outstanding and after-sales support, especially the managed service, is so great – I can focus on what I do best now and leave the website to the pros.

Adam - Renoco

We hired web cheetah to offer us hosting services and after a great experience, we got the team to design our website. The design was simple and powerful, the delivery was quick and the price was just out of this world. very happy with the service – definitely recommended for small business starters.

Nael - NeedIT

We needed a custom website to present our products. We needed a new unique feel in every part of the website for every single product category and that is what we got. Can’t say more. Loved the service. Very good team to work with. Affordable, fast and efficient. Thank you

Oscar - Owner Developer

Web cheetah managed landing page has changed the way we market our business. We went from a 20 pages website to a one dynamic landing page that only focused on one product and boy, have we gotten results.

John - Build Smart Homes