We Transform Your Old Website into a lead generating beauty!

Revamping an existing website can be time-consuming but we love doing it. It’s like taking something with value and giving it wings to fly! Or Recreating a great product. 

While revamping an old website is a great move, it is very critical that it is done correctly otherwise the new changes will have a negative effect on the ranking of the existing pages. 

This can be done in a three easy steps, 

  1. Firstly drop your URL below so we can review your website.
  2. We will analyse your sitemap and existing framework
  3. and we will send you a propose a Revamp roadmap / quote.
revamping an existing website

Why us

Customised Design

we grab your idea and custom code into an amazing website.

Custom Development

we develop your website from scratch and the features you need*

We Test

your website to make sure everything is working.

We Manage

your website, so you can focus on your business.

Why do you need to revamp your website

Websites with old frameworks, outdated software, weak security and outdated information will lose ranking over time in search results.

By revamping your existing website, you can upgrade your software, improve your overall speed and security, and provide your customers with a better user experience that is more up to their standard. You will also keep the search engines happy and in return, you will get more traffic flowing to your website. 


revamping an existing website - Small Business

Revamping is a delicate operation

Many websites lose hard-earned search ranking after a simple revamp. This operation needs to be done carefully and by the experts in the field.

For many reasons website revamp can be considered a delicate operation. It can have a great effect on your website if it’s done right. at the same time, it can have devastating side effects if it’s done incorrectly.

Below are just a few examples of what can go wrong!

revamping an existing website _ Errors

Broken and Lost Links

Updating website URLs can cause broken links or lost URL issues which are considered to be critical SEO errors. 

Indexing Issue

Google crawl and index web pages online to ensure it has up to date information therefore changing a page URL structure can harm your website existing ranking which has been earned over time and with hard work.

content management system

Exiting Contents

Your website may have existing content that is referenced in other websites and resources as external links. Changing them may reduce the lead generated from that particular source. This will drop your website traffic which is counter-productive.

So, what do you say...

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