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Responsive Web Design

Customised Website Layout that is designed to work on any platform

We design mobile websites. With the world changing quickly around us and more users are browsing on the go, your website needs to perform on mobile devices better than it does on desktops. Web Cheetah layouts are designed to be quick, responsive and interact with all screen sizes no matter what your visitors use to explore your website.

Lets look at some statistics

1 %
That is 7.10 billion People

How many people use mobile phones around the world

1 %
That is 3.62 billion People

People worldwide access the internet using mobile devices

1 %
The current growing rate

Unique mobile users current rate of growth.

mobile friendly website - responsive web design

So you see how important is responsible web design to small business

with more and more people switching to mobile devices to browse the web every day, we have no choice but to adapt to this inevitable change.  The good news is that it is very easy to comply if you have the right framework. and That is what we do here at WebCheetah. 

So If your website is not responsive, book a 30 mins commitment-free consultation session with one of our experts and let us look at your website and make your web pages responsive to all mobile devices. 

Web Design for Builders - what they need

Mobile Responsive Apps

What is a Web App?

and should I get this instead of a standard responsive Website? 

We are all used to interacting with Mobile Apps. Now consider that your users are just as accustomed to them as you. Then it becomes more than an educated guess to know what kind of experience matters to them. Mobile websites are designed to interact like Hybrid apps. In fact, a lot of Hybrid apps are websites in a frame of an application. WebCheetah layouts are designed to interact perfectly on Mobile devices and rearrange content so they can be dynamic and engaging for the users.

We also hide some of the unnecessary content from the mobile view to make it clearer and more focused on the important stuff.

A path to success

Another great feature of a mobile website is the ease of creating a path to drive customers to where you want them to be. Identify the problem you solve, create a path by answering some general questions and create a call to action to get the customer to contact you for a solution.

So, what do you say...

Are you ready to talk about your website?

5 Essential Reasons You Should Be Using A Responsive Website Design Now By Forbes

With the stratospheric rise in the use of mobile devices. And the rise in the popularity of mobile phones; you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if your website is not designed to respond and adjust to mobile and other devices.