Fully website managed services

What is a Managed Website?

Web Cheetah offers fully managed website solutions to remove any hassle in the day to day operation of your website.

Focus on your business and let us grow your website on the side for a small fee (as low as $49.90/month)

you manage your website

You Manage

Cloud Server Support

$ 0.00 /Lifetime
  • Free with all web design packages
We manage your website

We Manage

Server and Website Support

$ 49.90 /Month
  • Include Software Update & Website Contents
Fully website managed services


Dedicated Full Support

$ 109 /Month
  • Complete Dedicated Support
fully managed web design service
We Edit, Update & Maintain

Fully Managed Content

WebCheetah websites are fully secured and managed. That includes a weekly update, automatic back up, free customization tools and up to date SSL security features. On top of all that, we have 24 hours customisation support that can help you manage your website better. 


Who ask for fully managed website services

You have a website

If you already have a website, dont hesitate to contact us. We love to work with you. We manage all supported content management systems as well as static websites. We will review your website, assign a customer success manager who has experience working with your website technology and we will support you based on your plan on monthly basis. All it takes is a 30 mins free consultation session online with one of our experts so we can determine which plan is most suited to what you require, so book a session now and let us answer your questions and help you pick the right plan. 

You don't have a website

Don’t have a website? That is no problem. In fact, that may be even better, as we can build something great for you from the scratch and we tend to get even better results when we build the foundations in house. Click on the link below and select a plan that works for you. If you can decide then contact us and we will get started. if you can’t click on the link below and talk to an expert for free so we can help you pick a right plan. One way to the other we can help you. 

Still confused?

That is alright if you are - We were confused, when we were designing these packages.

Okay here is what it means...

We assign a success manager ( which is a fancy word for a web developer) to manage your website. It really is as simple as that. We understand that it seems to be a huge undertaking for such a small fee. We have systems that help us manage inquiries fast and efficient, so let us worry about that, and you focus on expanding your business.

Here is what we mean by managing your website.

This means that we will
1. Keep your software updated to ensure your website is safe, fast and up to date.
2. Optimise your images to speed up your website.
3. Look for broken links and contents around your website
4. Update the contents when you need to (depending on your package)
5. and Look after your server if you decide to host with Cheetah Cloud servers.

Below is a detailed breakdown of each plan.

content management systemYou Manage We Manage Ultimate

Managed Hosting

Live Chat
Software Setup
Plugin Support
Software Update
Content Support
Image Stock
Phone Support
SEO Support
Analytics Support
Google Ads Support

Are you ready to be free again?

All it takes is a 30 mins free consultation session online with one of our experts so we can determine which plan is most suited to what you require
Eliminate Website Downtime

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Conventional hosting plans are not managed and require your time and technical knowledge. We have eliminated this part by making all our cloud hosting plans completely managed.

What does that mean to you? 

Well, it simply means that you can change, update or fix everything on your server through our support team in less than 24 hours. Most tasks are done in hours but our longest response time has never exceeded 24 hours.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Website migration
  • Database Creation
  • Domain Setup
  • Storage management
  • Security
  • Backup 
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