website speed is critical.

Fast websites perform!

Why do we say, fast websites perform? There are many technical and sales reasons. To start with, statistically, you have 6 seconds to grab your customers attention and then they are gone. Google analytics monitor these bouncing rates to show you, how you can improve your website. Research has shown that fast websites convert 65% more than fancy ones that take a long time to load. Our websites average 2 to 3 seconds and that is magic.

User Experience

Search ranking is dependant on two main factors. DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority). Page Authority can incline or decline over time based on the content you publish on your web page and, your overall user experience rating. Having a faster website simply means that your customers will have a better experience during their visit. For that reason, search engines such as Google, test website loading speed to determine if they perform within an acceptable range.

The fact is that it is borderline impossible to meet Google expectations on websites that use content management software however, you can get pretty close by following the recommended framework when you are laying out your contents.

fast website perform

Why fast websites perform!

Here are the Key Factors that affect Website Speed

Hosting Server

The server that hosts your website has a direct effect on your website loading speed. If the host has loading issues that will reflect badly on your website.It is kind of like when you are riding a taxi. You can not go faster than the taxi you are travelling in, can you?

Content Management Software

CMS or content management software are applications that run most of the websites today. There are many applications available and, only some of them are fast enough to meet google's high expectations. Even then, you need to do the correct setup to ensure they are running as fast as possible.

Content Optimisation

Website contents are the main reason behind most website loading issues. There are web standards and frameworks that specify how you can optimise your content to avoid making your website too heavy. So you need to find the balance between overloading your page with information and having nothing to offer. You also need to optimise your images to ensure they are light and of high quality.

Small business Web Design

Server plays a big role

Cloud Base Services

All Web Cheetah servers run on the cloud. We use Cloudways’ Linode servers which offers one of the fastest running clouds servers in the world along with Google and Amazon.

Optimised design

Concept & Design

Web Cheetah designed and tested one central customisable template which is used across all of our web projects. This layout is tested for speed and has been put to test for years.

Business Web Design plan

Web Optimised Images

Image Optimisation

Our experienced developers and latest technologies combined will ensure that all of the images used in your website are of the highest quality while optimised to load fast and as part of the layout.

use technology to speed up your website

Cache Systems

Our developers and software engineers have perfected a cache plugin that is designed to save your essential contents on users browsers to speed up the loading time on all popular operating systems.

Advantages of online business

Website speed is critical for a good user experience. If your website speed is slow, your conversion rates will likely to be very poor. On average, if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, approximately 30% of your visitors will move on to the next website.​

So let's speed up your website!

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