Content management system

Update your website from any where on any device!

During Development

Monitor and control the progress of your project.

Using WebCheetah Customer Portal, you will be able to monitor your project progress, communicate with your developer or success manager and check your demo website URL at anytime. This platform is responsive so you can do this on mobile device from anywhere.

This platform works like a content management system and it is very easy to use.


Post Development

Web Cheetah uses the state of the art technology and modern templates to ensure that you are in control of your website management.

We use WordPress content management system which is the most common CMS software around the world. In conjunction with some of the best Themes in the market. That offer you ease of use and a wide range of supporting material available online.

Web Cheetah’s Drag and Drop System is designed to work for everybody. You can update your website from anywhere, on any device or any browser at any time. Allowing you to publish your new content in a matter of seconds.

All of that is done so you can keep doing what you are doing and focus on developing your business to the next level.

And even then if you need help, our managed services are available. 

content management system
content management system and web builder

Feature Rich

Edit Your Website Live.

All Web Cheetah websites and themes use interactive web builder software which is designed to help you manage your website faster and easier than ever. A simple drag and drop system that can be as easy as posting a photo on your Facebook page.

Edit your website on the go. 

Web Cheetah designs mobile websites which means our websites perform better on mobile devices than they do on desktops. Using web Cheetah responsive themes, developed by the best in the industry, you can edit your website from anywhere on any device just like you are sitting in your office.

Crop and import your graphics.

Web Cheetah web builder is designed and equipped with an image optimisation tool that allows you to crop and edit your images before import. The Cropping tool will also optimize your images to a web-friendly size to ensure your website runs at optimum capacity.

Play with colours

Colours play a vital role in your branding. Using Web Cheetah web builder you can edit and change your website elements to any colour using standard colour codes. Therefore you are not limited by the standard text editors. You can also create customised buttons and links to different pages.


Let's do it!

Let's set you up with a great content management system!